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Luka Doncic Just Ripped The Celtics Heart Out For The Second Year In A Row

For the second consecutive year, Luka Doncic has hit a stepback three to beat the Celtics at the buzzer. Unbefuckinglieveable. If that doesn't sum up how this season has started I don't know what does. Start the game by missing every shot you take and promptly get down by 17 points. Then you claw your way all the way back just to get a 2 point lead and you let a defensive rebound bounce off Jayson Tatum's leg. The Mavs tie it up and we have one of the more questionable fouls I've ever seen from Marcus Smart in the final seconds of this game. No situational awareness whatsoever. That's a losing play and guess what. Luka took the clock to zero and buried a three right in your eyeball for the win. Just a complete disaster of late game management and situational awareness. I need to know if Smart did that on his own or was Ime calling for a foul? Either way it's a horrendous decision that cost this team yet another winnable game.

As great as it was to see them claw back, it was another late game collapse. Couldn't grab a rebound when they needed to, and a brain fart at the worst possible time. What could have been another great win to continue their positive momentum is instead another kick right to the fucking dick. 

Why would you foul right there. WHY? You knew as soon as he did Luka was going to hit the game winner. It didn't matter what type of shot he had to take you knew he was going to bury it and that's exactly what he did. Great shot by him with essentially perfect defense, but that situation should never have happened in the first place. This Celtics team is in no position to throw away games and yet that is exactly what they keep doing. Frustrating shit.