We Got Benches Clearing And Punches Being Thrown In The Arizona Fall League!

You thought baseball was over? Hell no, we've got action in the Arizona Fall League which is home to some teams prospects for a few weeks while they work on some stuff. It's good competition down there but you rarely see anything like this, we get a full on fight after a ball smokes Canaan Smith-Njigba of the Pirates. Josh Winckowski on the mound, a farmhand for the Red Sox, and it seems these teams have some bad blood over some incidents the last few days.

Winckowski threw a pitch high and tight on Smith-Njigba and after it tagged him on the shoulder he didn't think twice about charging the mound. He was out of the box super quick. Smith-Njigba lands a punch right in Winckowski's face and drops him, we even got a nice audible "ohhh" from the crowd. Looks like he lands another big haymaker before falling to the ground and then its mayhem. Guys pulling guys off each other and then the big crowd forms. It's a funny visual because they're all in different uniforms because the prospects wear their own teams unis. It's your run of the mill baseball fight but we saw a nice punch get landed and usually we just get pushing and shoving. 

The second video you can hear Smith-Njigba pointing and yelling "thats BULLSHIT!" towards the first base dugout, again the teams had some incidents over the last few days and if there was jawing going on and then a high and tight pitch that catches you on the shoulder, I think charging the mound is the right move. It's just very rare to see something like this happen in an Arizona Fall League, obviously these two had a problem. I'm just happy we got a baseball fight where a punch was landed.