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BREAKING: The Blackhawks Have Fired Jeremy Colliton

I don't think this was a move anyone wanted to make at this juncture, but enough is enough. Last night in Winnipeg was completely unacceptable. I don't have an axe to grind with Colliton. I've never spoken to him, but people seem to think he's a nice fella. I hope he has a successful career. He just wasn't the guy for this moment or the previous moment. Stan hired him because he wanted a guy who he could push around. Jeremy was never qualified to be the head coach of an NHL team. He might be some day, but going from one year in the Swedish B League to Rockford to the NHL was a path that could only be paved by incompetent management. I am sure he will learn from his time in Chicago and it'll make him better long term. I hope. 

At the end of the day this is a result business and in four seasons at the helm he never got results. I maintain that the team is too talented to be the worst in the NHL. Eventually that falls on the coach and it was time to give him the guillotine. 

Poetic that he was fired 3 years to the day that he was hired. Another failure by Stan. A new leaf to turn over here though. Hopefully the organization can find a steady hand to guide hockey ops, find a permanent replacement for GM, and hire a coach who has the capacity to put his players in a position to win.