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The Kansas State Football Complex Is Nicer Than Your Dorm, Your Home, Your Mansion, Anything You Live In

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KC StarKansas State football players are due to report for preseason camp Wednesday, but the Wildcats who’ve already arrived were treated to a tour of the new Vanier Family Football Complex.

K-State released photos of the new building Tuesday, as well as a video of players’ reactions to the new features in the 132,000 square-foot facility, which include:

? An 18,000-square-foot strength and conditioning center

? A new sports medicine and recovery facility with hydrotherapy and recovery pools

? New meeting rooms that overlook Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

? A football-shaped locker room that’s twice the size of their old one.

“It is a great day for K-State as the beautiful new Vanier Family Football Complex is operational and open for our football staff and student-athletes,” athletic director John Currie said in a release announcing that players and coaches had moved in.

Is there ANYTHING in the world better than being a D1 college athlete?

Seriously look at this. This is the Football Complex.

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Just that. Nothing else. A complex solely for football players to do football player stuff in. 95% chance it’s bigger and nicer than your college dorm.

I really fucked up not being born 6’3″ 250 with a 4.3 40.