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Buster Posey Should Be A First Ballot Hall Of Famer Strictly For His Ability To Start Walking To The Dugout Before The Umpire Called Strike 3

We all saw Buster Posey officially announce his retirement yesterday, what a career for the future Hall Of Famer. Was a dominant catcher on the field and an awesome guy off of it. One day he'll have a home in Cooperstown but to me it won't be because of his stats and rings, it'll mostly because he was THE BEST at walking off the field before the umpire started to motion for strike 3. What an alpha move by Buster. Posey was half way to the dugout by the time most umpires started their motion, those batters had no clue what was going on most of the time. He for sure was able to steal a few strikes for his pitchers that way because lets be real, if Buster Posey thinks it's a strike, it's a strike. Posey always had the reputation as one of the nicer guys in baseball, he'd never lie to get a strikeout! And look how long the video is! It's not like he did this a few times, there's over a minute of him doing this, it was his move. Love the super quick reaction by him too, never hesitated at all. Didn't even need to frame it, he just caught it and dipped out. Was basically in the clubhouse by the time the batter took their helmet off. He was so smooth with it too, have to respect it. Not only was he the best catcher of our generation, he was the quickest to the dugout too.