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I Haven't Figured Out This Pacers Team Yet, But I Like Them

They're 3-6. They've collapsed horribly late down the stretch in at least three games already. They started the season without their two best scorers - Caris LeVert and TJ Warren - and then had their newly extended starting point guard Malcolm Brogdon miss a handful of games. 

But I like this team. I like them a lot. I don't at all think that the starting record of 3-6 is indicative of who this squad is and who they can hopefully be come February, March, April 2022. I was really harsh on this franchise with how they folded down the stretch last year. They were unwatchable. But I gotta give Kevin Pritchard credit because he didn't like the results of the new coach he had just hired and bounced him after one year. Didn't waste any time. I applaud that big time. He made the hire, it didn't work, he didn't like, and he moved on. I honestly think this Pacers roster is the perfect blend and about as good as you can get for our market. 

Starting five (when healthy) of Brogdon, Warren, LeVert, Sabonis and Turner? That's tough. Guys who play hard, are skilled, can do it all. There's not a real glaring weakness there. Sure, there's not your "we need a 35 point performance tonight and everyone knows it but he'll still get it done guy". It's going to be really hard for Indiana to ever get that guy. There's only a handful like that. But what I love about this group is it can be any of the five on any given night. We all saw TJ Warren be a Walking Bucket in early 2020 then in the bubble. So far this year each guy has had "their night". Sabonis with 33 in the opener. Brogdon with 28 that same night. Turner with 40 against Washington then 25 and 13 in last night's win against New York. Not to mention Caris LeVert starting to get his feet back underneath him after missing the start of the year and oh by the way, Chris Duarte who is leading the rookies in basically every category in the league. 

I really don't know at this point what this team will become. The attendance is low - the lowest in the NBA actually. The hasn't been a lick of playoff success (lost in seven to the Cavs in 2018 big whoop) or noise since the Paul George teams in 2013-2014. But I think all the pieces are there to get back to that tough, nasty, hard-nosed Pacers teams that we've all loved from the past. I like this team. Certainly more than the teams of the last couple years. And right now, I'll take that.