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A Brouhaha Broke Out On An Airplane Because A Man Allegedly Put Something In Another Man's Seatback Pocket

I'll be honest guys, I've seen countless airplane fights better than this one, which I give 2.1 Balls at best. If the other passengers on this plane hadn't snoozed and actually recorded the whole fight so we could've seen how that guy got opened up, this video could've been AT LEAST 4 Balls. But there is no denying that there have been a kabillion fights better than this over the last 18 months since the skies are decidedly no longer friendly now that we live in this Coronaworld where everyone is perpetually mad at each other (which is why those Snoozy Suzys should have had their phones ready to record at the first sign of conflict). 

The real story here is how these two men started throwing hands.

Daily Mail- Shocking video has emerged of a fight aboard a Los Angeles-bound flight before take-off from Georgia after a man charged at a fellow passenger because he had placed something in the pocket of his seatback. Curtis Maurice Clayton, 30, from South Carolina, was arrested at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport for initiating the fight with German Montez, 43, on Friday, police said. He reportedly damaged a police car while being taken into custody.

I don't agree with damaging a police car but outside of that, I am willing to wipe the record clean for whatever guy had his personal space infringed upon because there are three simple rules in life: 

1. You don't sleep with another man's wife

2. You don't mow another man's lawn


3. You don't use another man's airplane seatback pocket

If you do, you better put your dukes up because you've officially put him in a spot where he either must defend his own honor or willingly become your bitch. Clearly this passenger said this aggression will not stand and chose option A instead of giving up his seatback pocket for the entire cross country flight, which likely would have resulted in him conceding his arm rest, tray table, and even the mini TV screen.

I'm not sure what the law states down in Atlanta, but the only charges I'd hand down from to the combatants is Trespassing for the guy that tried to take over someone else's seatback pocket without repercussions and damaging police property.

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