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The Most Advanced Sports Analytics On The Planet Say That The Dallas Cowboys Are Mortal Locks To Win The Super Bowl This Season

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As if seeing the rival Braves win the World Series after my beloved Mets refused to put away the NL East for more than 100 days wasn't bad enough, I now have to live with the Dallas Cowboys being a mortal lock to win their first Super Bowl since DVDs were invented because those tomahawk chopping sons of bitches got a ring (along with the wonderful people of Milwaukee). What a wild group of people lumped together by championships. There is no doubt in my mind that if you had a Cowboys fan, Braves fan, and Bucks fan in a room, I could choose who is who 1000 times out of 1000.

I know some small-brained non believers will try to brush this off as pish posh or a mere coincidence. But there is no stat that hits more than the random fun fact about a team always winning after a certain political party wins the Presidency, an animal on a hot streak blindly picking games, or three extremely random teams winning titles in the same year. Add in that there is likely some weird sports juju between Atlanta and Milwaukee due to the Braves calling both cities home, and this nugget from @RoadToSix carries more weight in my mind than DVOA, PFF's grades, and all the numbers in Steven Cheah's database combined.