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Oh, October. You were the most amazing month of my life. It's been a month now since starting at Barstool. Feels like just yesterday I was at the front talking to reception when Dave walked in. My first time seeing him in 6 years. Dave, the only one who wanted to give me a chance. Dave, the person who I bonded with so hard on our trip to SXSW in Texas. Dave, who when I met in 2015, was barely a millionaire. Now 7 years later, he's in the billionaires club. Dave, one of my favorite baseball fans on the planet. Dave, who finally hired me full time for his company. The first black woman content creator in Barstool Sports HISTORY. My back was turned, but I felt his energy when he walked in. I was scared shitless to turn around. I finally did and Dave was there grinning. "What the fuck is on your head?", He immediately said.(He was referring to my 5 colors wig) I laughed and gave him a bear hug. That hug felt like life, and I I didn't wanna let him go. (and I didn't for 5 mins) I wanted to tell him how lucky I felt, how grateful I was for this opportunity, how proud I was going to make him. I wanted to cry, scream, laugh, throw up, and smoke a blunt all at once

Dave's energy is different now.. he's all business. When we first met in Texas, he still had that inner child inside, the critics of the world hadn't hit him so hard. Now the Dave I saw looked younger, yet his spirit was older. I felt like a nervous schoolgirl around him, wide eyed and ready to soak up whatever he tells me, because Dave is made of fucking gold and everything that comes out of his mouth is gold. If you're lucky enough to have a conversation with him, it'd be best to hang on to every word. I told Dave I needed to speak to him, he told me to come by his office. I thought he was busy, so I sat around the front until I got the nerve to get up and go. As I'm getting up, I see Dave's face coming towards me, as he yells my name "Tiko!" I swallow a big gulp, and follow him to his office. In the office, it almost feels like we're back in Texas. Just me, and him, kicking the shit. He offers me advice about my upcoming content and my new podcast "The Tiko Ten". I listen to every word. I GOT DAVE FUCKIN PORTNOY BELIEVING IN ME. I can't lose. Theres no way. THERE'S JUST NO WAY. As I walked out of his office, I felt empowered, I felt on top. Dave is so fucking cool cuz he just lets you be YOU. He's like the cool dad that doesn't give you rules, and gives you the best time ever. I feel like all of us bloggers, content creators, are his kids in a way. And we just wanna make Dad proud. Ive never met a billionaire that's so humble and real. Ive never met a person like Portnoy, in my life. So many people have the wrong impression of Dave but I wish they could see him the way that I do. He's just a sports lover, like the rest of us, a regular guy.. who goes through shit, who makes mistakes, who had a vision.. that turned out so much more bigger than he probably imagined. I honestly think that's the reason we all love him so much, the reason we just can't get enough of him .. its because he's real, he's genuine, and most importantly; he's one of us. (just with a shitload more money and way more bitches).