Steelers Trade Melvin Ingram, Who Apparently Didn't Understand The Assignment, To The Chiefs

Well that was a wasted experiment. At least they got a 6th round pick in return for a 32-year-old backup linebacker. I just really don't understand Ingram's thinking here. There's no way the Steelers signed him that late in the game with Alex Highsmith already locking up the opposite of TJ Watt and told Ingram "yeah you're going to start for us". 

So what did he expect? That because he did his role in Week 1 against Buffalo as pass-rush depth that the Steelers would then turn and say "ope, I know we said you're going to be depth but you know what you should probably start!" I just don't understand his thought process here when signing with the Steelers. If he really, reeeeally wanted to be a starter then he should have signed elsewhere from the jump. 

"Volunteers not hostages" as Coach Tomlin says. Get 'em out. Team is starting to gel, you've won three in a row, you got a chance to get on a little run here, the last thing you need is a free agent linebacker to try to fuck things up. See ya never, Ingram, especially not in the playoffs because that Chiefs team....WOOF.