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Joe Judge Keeps Proving He Doesn't Deserve Laps

I understand Joe Judge has a lot going against him. Dave Gettleman, Evan Engram, headsets. They are all clearly out to sabotage Joe Judge. But at the same time, Joe Judge is a dummy. I debated going moron but that might be more of a compliment. Anyone can be a moron, Joe Judge is a dummy. He doesn't deserve my friend, a father of 2, running laps in the middle of the night. 

As much as those idiots are out to sabotage Joe Judge, the man can't do simple math. Not calling a timeout before the 2 minute warning? That's unforgivable. I saw people saying the most basic Madden players can figure that out and I don't want to make it sound that confusing. You have 1 timeout plus the 2 minute warning. They had 2nd and 3rd down. Instead of getting the ball with like 1:30 left or so, they got it with 1:07. All you had to do was call timeout after the 1st down, which was at 2:41. Judge literally wasted over 30 seconds by not calling timeout. 

But it's more than that. Joe Judge loves talking about how tough he is - like most football coaches. Similar to football coaches, they are gigantic pussies when it comes to actually trying to win a game. Kicking a field goal on 4th and 2 from the 5 after throwing short on 3rd and 4? You should fire Judge and Garrett on the spot for that. 

That's as pathetic of something I've ever seen on a football field and I sat through a lot of bad football. How the fuck do you not go for it on 4th and 2 there? The Chiefs defense stinks out loud. You were actually moving the ball. Our defense was actually playing well against that offense and you'd have them pinned at the 5. Touchdowns > Field goals. Pretty simple stuff here. Mostly just stop being a coward and coach to win a football game. 

Then you can add in punting on 4th and 3 from midfield, taking a delay of game and then kneeling at the end of the 1st half. All pathetic. All bad. All shit that shouldn't be happening. Laps was adorable when Judge was hired. Like I said, it wasn't like I hated the hire mostly because how bad could it be after Pat Shurmur? We finally went away from a coach who failed at stops before. But there's no winning. There's no development. There's no smart decisions. It's time for Clem to stop running laps. It's time for us to clean house. Gettleman, Garrett and Judge all need to go, the first two need to go now. See if Judge can figure shit out the rest of the way. 

PS: Fuck John Mara

If that old bag wasn't so worried about people shit talking this wouldn't have been a 15-yard penalty and killed a Giants drive. Go throw another chair you dumb fuck.