The Hottest Coach In College Football Inks Ten-Year Extension To Quell Rumors He’s Moving On From UTSA After The Season

Absolutely the news I needed on this Sunday. Earlier today, the newest college football polls were released and UTSA was at number 16.

 I’m not sure most realize just how remarkable that really is. Two years ago, UTSA was getting boat raced by anyone with a remotely decent football team. Now the team is ranked in the top 20, schools like Texas Tech and others were sure to come calling from Jeff Traylor. Now, he’s locked in for a decade at a big, big pay raise.

His base pay before the new deal was around 800k. Now it’s 2.8 million with room for incentives and a bigger cash pool for his assistants. EXCITING!

Needless to say, I’m over the moon coach Traylor is staying with my beloved roadrunners. Buy a fucking shirt.