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HS Football Players Call All Plays Themselves And Win Without A Coach."I apologize for the late notice as we were still unsure we could make this happen. We did not want our players to miss out on the opportunity to play in the game and we sent 99% of the team."

All but one player made the trip and, playing with a staff of substitute coaches (???), Sierra Linda won the game to move to 6-2 on the season, the school's best in years.

"So our boys won 23-21 coaching themselves calling their own offensive and defensive plays," a parent texted. "Parents, coaches and the community are so extremely proud of what these young men accomplished Friday night and also so far this season.

I guess kids playing Madden has finally paid off. 

This high school team's coach was suspended due to letting their freshman team play without hip pads. It's insane that this group of high school kids was able to engineer a win and not end up in some Lord of the Flies power vacuum without a coach. The fact that this team pulled out a 23-21 win, not a blowout, but a win in a close game is what really stands out. I mean with no head coach how the hell did these guys call the plays without constantly arguing? I want to know how many onside kicks or 2-point conversion attempts these guys called. It would be hilarious to find out if these guys went full Madden mode and kicked onsides and went for 2 and on 4th down every play. You get teens calling plays they're never once considering punting it. I wouldn't be surprised if the coach was really there calling in plays from the parking lot. No self-respecting high school coach takes a suspension laying down.