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Greatest Living American Jaylen Brown Dunked Miles Bridges Through The Floor And Put Him On A Poster

Watching this play unfold I thought Tatum was going to throw a nice, easy lob for Jaylen to go up and get. Miles Bridges catches plenty of those so I had no concerns about him low-bridging Juice or trying any fuckery knowing how dangerous that shit can be. Felt like an easy play to put an exclamation point on a hard-fought victory. Once the chest pass was thrown I was thinking a hard foul and two free throws, a fine play but not a play to its fullest potential. 

And I soon realized something: I was, for no particular reason, doubting Jaylen Brown.

Grant Halverson. Getty Images.

That's a poster. Not dunking near someone. Not a loud dunk in the open court. Not a guy bowing out of the way at the last moment so his jersey still ends up in the picture. No, no. THIS is a poster. Anything less than chest to chest, arms extended, legitimate defensive contest isn't a poster. This is the standard. You look up poster in the dictionary this picture should pop up. I'm not saying this is the best dunk of all time, it's not even Jaylen's best, but you will not find a cleaner definition of a poster. I'm typically team Never, Ever Jump, but I respect Bridges putting it on the line given the situation. This was a pivotal bucket and he was the only one who got back. A man with plenty of bounce of his own is what makes this poster as special as it was.