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Carson Palmer Says Mike Tomlin Would Be A "Great Option" For USC Job

So last week we had Doug Whaley saying he could see Mike Tomlin being a name to watch for the LSU job. Now on Monday we have Heisman trophy winner and legendary Trojan Carson Palmer claiming there have been internal discussions at USC about potentially going after Mike Tomlin for the head job. 

I said it last week - I think Tomlin would be an absolutely dynamite college coach. From recruiting to being the ultimate leader of an entire program, Coach T would dominate. Imagine being recruited by him or him using his way with words to swoon boosters and important figure heads alike. He'd crush. 

But that's the thing - would a 15 year Super Bowl winning head coach in the NFL want to drastically change his life that much to go from the pros to kissing babies and shaking hands and dealing with 18 year old kids constantly. I doubt it. But I do believe where there is smoke there is fire, and it's already been on record Coach T not wanting to "start over" with a rookie QB after Big Ben wraps up his likely final season this year. Even with Tomlin being a head coach for 15 years, he's still only 49. Maybe he's ready for a new challenge. Maybe he sees the success of someone like Nick Saban leaving the NFL, taking a big time blue blood job, and absolutely becoming a legend in that space and says "hey that actually doesn't sound that bad". Remember, when Saban was 49 he was still two years away from winning his first national title at LSU. You can coach for a long time, and Tomlin doesn't strike me as a guy who is running out of energy. 

Now selfishly I'm hoping if both rumors are true, he'd pick Baton Rouge.