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I Dare You To Find Any Highlight From Sports This Past Weekend Nastier Than This Yo-Yo Routine

It's the best time of the year. You've got MLB playoffs, the NFL season fully underway, and both the NHL and NBA seasons are just getting started. College football, some golf tournaments, soccer, you name it. We have pretty much every sport in existence currently being played at the moment and out of everything that went down this past weekend...

Not a damn thing could even come close to this yo-yo routine. Not that Daniel Jones catch. Not 9 overtimes in Illinois vs Penn State. Not the Pittsburgh Penguins' AHL team putting up a touchdown against a full Toronto Maple Leafs team. No LaMelo pass. No Mohamed Salah goal. No nothing. This silky smooth bastard was the filthiest highlight of the weekend. 

Dirty fuckin' dangles, bud. That was just 4 minutes of pure, unadulterated filth. 

Also--the #1 way to get people to think of yo-yoers as athletes is to look like one. "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have" type of deal. So my guy showing up with the Nike Pro Combat tights under the shorts was a huge move. Honestly thought we were going to see a chalk toss before the routine got underway. I feel like Yo-Yo has just had an image issue this whole time. Most guys usually look like child birthday party magicians rather than athletes. But if these fuckers start showing up to these events decked out in athletic attire? I think we have the next sport of the future on our hands. 

Sidenote: Need to get the name of that song. Shit went hard. Kind of sounded like a Japanese version of Paramore.