PFF's Top Graded Receiver This Week Was...Daniel Jones!

Sorry Ja'Marr Chase and your 201 yards with an absolutely electric touchdown that helped win my boss a quarter milly along with oh yeah a gigantic division win for the Bengals. Better luck next week A.J. Brown and Davante Adams with your huge games that also led to W's. Your fantasy managers may love you, but ODJ climbed to the top of this week's wide receiver mountain using only one hand.

If you want to disagree with that grade then you are disagreeing with the trained eyes at PFF which means you hate people that break down tape and apply easy to understand math to football. Good luck fighting a battle against either of those crews on Football Twitter, let alone both!

I remember when people tried to tell me this was a bad thing...

Yup, having a super athlete that can run, jump, and catch like Gronk with a laser rocket arm like Tom Brady is #bad! What a bunch of malarkey. That's my quarterback, my wide receiver, my running back that leads the Giants in rushing yards this season, and if need be my left tackle (which based on injuries and performance, may have to happen sooner rather than later).

You know what? Fuck all those position titles reserved for the mere mortals that can only fit into one shaped hole while they play this game. Daniel Jones is a goddamn FOOTBALL PLAYER and a leader of men. Now let's have ourselves a Victory Monday and celebrate our little lamb leading his banged up team to a W!

CFF Grade: A++++++++++++