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Ja’Marr Chase Is Off To The Best Career Start Of Any Wide Receiver In NFL History

Occam’s Razor: the belief that the simplest explanation is often the most likely. The last time we saw Ja’Marr Chase play football, he was leading the most dominant offense in college football history. He took the COVID year off in preparation for the Draft, and even with that break he was still widely regarded as the top receiving prospect in the Draft, if not years. There was a vocal minority of detractors, some questions about his separation abilities, and those were quickly followed by an abysmal preseason capped off by his own comments that his drops were in part to his inability to see the ball. Which, understandably, felt troublesome. I’d argue being able to see is paramount for anyone playing professional football, really at any of the positions.

But I digress, because the second the season started this motherfucker acquired 40/40 vision. He’s spotting nickels like George Costanza with his glasses off. And this is exactly why people don’t take preseason seriously. Why would they after seeing Mr. Magoo become Randy Moss the instant the games started mattering.