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It Looks Like Congress Will Have A Hearing About The Washington Football Team And All Their Fucks Ups/The Emails/The NFL's Cover-Up


More smoke, more smoke, more smoke. Look, we know Dan Snyder is involved in some shady business. We know there was rampant sexual harassment under his watch. The NFL hired Beth Wilkinson to do an independent investigation and they didn't even require a written report, clearly hiding something. Instead the NFL fined Snyder $10 million and swept the whole thing under the rug. 

But now, the emails. Oh those pesky emails. There is growing pressure from the NFLPA, the public, and now mf'ing CONGRESS to find out more about what exactly was in the emails the NFL won't release. If Snyder is so squeaky clean, why won't they let us see them? 

Let's not be naive, the NFL is fully corrupt and this probably isn't an isolated incident. BUT. Imagine if Dan Snyder is the fall guy? Oh my god wouldn't that be something? If they used him as the scapegoat because these leaked emails? Usually I would be anti government getting involved in matters like this, but holy shit if Congress can stir shit up and continue building the case for the NFL to boot Snyder? Give it to me.

I don't know how this ends. Obviously I'm rooting for Snyder's removal. I think it's possible. I don't know at this time what % I'd put on it, but I need the NFL to come to their senses and decide we don't want to cover for him anymore, we don't need this constantly hanging over the league, and force him to sell. A boy can dream. 

Fuck Dan Snyder. Go Caps.


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