Harry Jowsey Is Getting Canceled After Footage Gets Leaked Of Him Shitting On James Charles

For those of you who don't know, Harry Jowsey got famous from having the self control of a 16 year old boy. He made his debut into the world of fame by being casted in the famous Netflix reality show, Too Hot To Handle where he became the fan favorite because he couldn't keep it in his pants. This show kick started his career and now he currently has 4.4M followers on the Tok, 3.9 million on IG, and a podcast called 'Tap In.' Harry's brand is literally centered around "what controversial/sexual thing can I do today to stay relevant." And on October 19th this is what he choose to do - In Harry's most recent podcast episode, a clip was leaked of him saying that James Charles wants to fuck him and then referring to him as some f*****.

Now, I find this ironic and entertaining because Harry was JUST on The BFFs Podcast defending the LBGTQ community AND admitting to sleeping with Nikita Dragon, a famous Transgender influencer. He said he loves people based off their energy and not their sexuality.........

So what's the deal? Is Harry once again using his genitals to stay relevant? this all just a cheap scheme to stay relevant? I personally don't think James Charles ever said or implied that he wanted to sleep with Harry. I mean Harry isn't really James's type if you know what I mean lol (iykyk). I also think its funny that as soon as the clip was seen by the public Harry jumped to IG live to apologize saying him and James already spoke and everything is fine and that he needs to educate himself and that he needs to take a break from social media. I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure James Charles isn't that forgiving since he still brings up drama from 2017 (also iykyk). To me this seems like an idiotic plan to stay relevant. Maybe James and Harry are both in on it. James is falling off and hasn't been relevant for months now.

Another part of this story that I find fascinating is that how was a clip of his OWN podcast allegedly leaked?! Does his producer hate him? Because last time I checked he was never the blame and is standing by Harry's side. Overall, part of me is glad that Harry fucked up, But another part of me thinks this is all a plan to stay relevant so we can finance his dildos for his sex toy company.

If you want to read up on the whole story - I posted my take on the situation on Instagram.. 

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