NOTHING IS OVER UNTIL WE SAY IT'S OVER: White Sox vs. Astros "The Blackout Game" Live Blog Is LIVE!!!

It's do or die time. Simple as that. No room for error. Put the best 9 out and keep the best 9 out unless it's a Vaughn/Sheets matchup play. This is the best possible lineup the White Sox can have today. Tony can't get cute with stupid, pointless fucking pinch hits like what he did with Hernandez/Engel last game. Get the fuck out of here with that.

Update: what the FUCK is Garcia in the lineup for?!?!? 

Absolutely fucking GROSS NEGLIGENCE. Adam Engel is better than Garcia in every single facet of baseball. This makes NO FUCKING SENSE.

What the fuck ever I guess. Garcia better pull a rabbit out of his ass  

Oh, and Kopech better pitch too. He 100% should get the ball if/when Cease starts to fade. Speaking of Cease, for those who haven't watched him pitch, he's absolutely filthy. Command is an issue though. When he's on and dotting the edges, he's awesome. When he's not, he labors through 4 or 5 and 100+ pitches. He kinda/sorta reminds me of Zack Wheeler. Same type of ceiling and pitch arsenal.

On another note, TA is on fire to start his playoff career:

We're riding with him on what is hopefully not the last White Sox odds boost of the year. He rises to the occasion as well as anybody 

Let's cook. Tonight will be a shit show. That stadium is going to be LOUD.