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Your Girlfriend Rocks A Thong Bathing Suit To The Beach In Front Of Your Mom And Dad, What Do You Do? - MailTime Deluxe

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Another 55 minutes of Mailtime to keep you slacking off today. We tackle a lot in the premium episode. Important things like jerking off into your boxers and M&Ms vs Skittles. But the one story that stuck out in my mind was the Stoolie who brought his new girlfriend to a family outing at the beach and she turns out to be rocking a thong bathing suit. Pulls down her shorts, thong all up in mom and dad’s face. Kid said they havent spoken about it at all. Neither his parents or his girlfriend. Now I’m gonna assume this chick is hot and can pull off the full thong bathing suit. So I dont want to discourage that sort of behavior. But as the emailer mentioned its an astounding lack of self awareness to wear a thong bathing suit when meeting a boyfriend’s family for the first time. Either that or its some sort of perverted power move where you’re trying to assert dominance over his mother or something. Either way, I think the full thong bathing suit in front of mom and dad is a red flag if you’re thinking about actually dating a chick.

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