Whew! Baker Mayfield Doesn't Stink, He Just Has A Torn Labrum

Whew! That's refreshing. Last week Browns fans were concerned that Baker wasn't able to throw the ball into the water if he were standing on a boat. They were worried he had regressed, questioning whether or not the Browns should pony up and make him (and pay him like) their franchise quarterback moving forward. No worries, Browns fans! Baker doesn't stink. He just has a partially torn labrum. 

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I'll address the injury concern here in a moment, but first let's rejoice. At least our quarterback had an excuse to miss not one, not two, but three wide open Odell Beckham sure touchdowns, include this all time bad throw:

Okay, now that we've got those issues out of the way, what are we going to do about the injury? I love the toughness that he hasn't even missed one practice snap, but uhh, I prefer my quarterback to be able to throw it to wide open receivers. The good news here is that you don't really need your shoulder to hand it off 50x a game. But on those couple times per game where the Browns need to put it in the air, what are we going to do? Jarvis Landry is out as well. We're down our top 2 throwers. 

My question is this: Is a partially torn labrum something that gets better over time? If so, I'm okay with Case Keenum running the show for a couple weeks to get Baker back healthy. We're 3-1 with the best supporting cast in the NFL. The season isn't over if Baker sits a couple weeks. Besides, a healthy Case Keenum is better than what injured Baker Mayfield gave us last week….

However, if a partially torn labrum is going to linger until he gets surgery at the end of the season, then I guess he's just going to need to learn to play better with it. Because although our running game and defense is good enough to win Week 4 on the road against the Vikings, it's not going to carry you to the Super Bowl. We truly have the pieces necessary to win it all. We just need better QB play.