Houston's ESPN Radio Trolls Gabagool Yankees Fans

Got this little tidbit sent to me today. It made me laugh out loud because it's so spot on that it's sort of hard to tell that it's a troll. It kinda reminds me of the Bizzaro Zaun videos. Well done ESPN Houston!!!

Look, I'll fully admit that I was towards the top of the "fuck the Astros" leaderboard back during the whole sign stealing saga, but that's the most whatever thing on earth to me at this point. They were probably the scapegoats and there was undoubtedly many players and teams using sign stealing in general. Because of that... I don't hate the Astros. I hate a few of their players. Alex Bregman is kinda a bitch. But the sign stealing stuff is all in the past. Don't give a shit about it even though I called it well before it happened not to brag: 

So I don't mind the Astros. Obviously they can fuck off for the next 3 to 5 games, but any team or any fanbase that will unmercifully troll the Yankees' greasy, disgusting, gabagool fanbase is A-OK in my book. So Houston? Let's ride. Gonna be a gutter war of a series.