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Ray Rice Deserves A Second Chance But If He Doesn't Get One It's Probably Because He's Just Not That Good At Football Anymore



“you know, you know, you know” -Ray Rice




Look I’m a second chance guy. I firmly believe in people having a shot at redemption, that’s what makes this Country so great, everyone has an opportunity to rebuild themselves, and Ray Rice seems appropriately sorry and rehabilitated for the awful crime he committed. But aren’t we all missing a pretty big part of the Ray Rice redemption tour? Isn’t there a good chance he just flat out isn’t very good at football anymore? I know it was only one down year but it was a really down year. The last time he played he averaged 3.1 yards a carry and looked like shit. Of course the offense around him matters but now you’re a full 2 years removed from that and on top of it you have the added media scrum and distraction, and you have to wonder if it’s not Ray Rice isn’t getting a second chance because of he hit his wife but more Ray Rice isn’t getting a second chance because it’s just not worth it. I mean look around the league, if you can play, if coaches and scouts think you have talent, you’ll get a shot. Greg Hardy has a job, Adrian Peterson has a job, hell the Bears gave that piece of shit Ray McDonald a chance. So yes, I think Ray Rice deserves a second shot, but if he doesn’t get one I don’t think it’s because of his crimes, the NFL has shown time and time again that if you can play you’ll get a look. Ray Rice not being on a team right now is because Ray Rice probably is a mediocre running back, somewhere around replacement level, not awful but not a superstar, and replacement level guys can’t come with distractions, those are for elite level guys only and that’s just the cold hard truth.