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Myles Garrett Being This Fast Should Be Illegal

We had Jay Glazer on The YAK a few years ago. He owns and operates a gym out in LA where many top athletes go to train, so we asked him out of all the top athletic freaks he's had the pleasure of watching train up close and personal who stood out? It's one thing to be the best in your town, another to be the best on your college team, but for all athletes from different backgrounds and walks of life, training for different sports both combat and otherwise, who stands out even there. It took him zero seconds to say Myles Garrett. 

Garrett still isn't as big as he should be. I don't mean physically, I don't think the planet can contain a larger Myles Garrett. But name recognition, star power, it still feels like he's a few levels below where his talent dictates it should be. Now he's played a hand in that, his hand specifically. Wielding a helmet and bonking the fuck out of another man. That'll certainly set your own public favor back for a minute. However, after 4.5 sacks against the Bears this weekend, this play somehow feels like the most impressive thing anyone did anywhere this weekend. 

Garrett is listed at 6'4", 272 lbs. on No 272-pound human should be able to get off the ball being snapped and Eurostep around a guard in less than a second. He goes from a three point stance to completely around another large human being so quickly it looks like doctored footage.

That really shouldn't be legal. Like he should have to count to Five-One Thousand before he rushes the passer. That feels more fair than having him be able to take free runs through human beings like this. The fact that the left guard didn't have his head do a 360 like an owl or crumple into a heap like he was face guarding a prime Iverson crossover is nothing short of a modern miracle here.