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The BEST Movies And Shows Coming To HBO Max In October

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All The President's Men - October 1st

This is one of the greatest political dramas ever made. Redford and Hoffman perform out of their minds, and the story is perfectly scripted, paced and executed.

The Many Saints of Newark - October 1st

This is the new movie that is a prequel to the Sopranos. The reviews are mostly middling so far, but I'm still excited to watch it.

Dune - October 22nd

This is the biggest movie of this year. One of the biggest sci-fi movies of all time. One of the biggest ensemble casts ever and a movie directed by arguably the best director of the last 10 years. DO NOT STREAM IT FOR YOUR FIRST WATCH! See it in a theater and stream it after. This movie is built for the big screen and watching on anything less is like eating a steak from a Michelin star chef blended up through a straw.

October1st: All the President's Men, American Gigolo, American Graffiti, Argo, Bad Boys I-II, Beverly Hills Cop, Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure, Black Christmas, Black Hawk Down, Blaze of Glory, Blazing Saddles, Bloodsport, City of God, Doubt, Gangs of New York, Hacksaw Ridge, Hitch, House of Wax, Just Mercy, Kill Bill Vol. I & II, Lincoln, Misery, Monster's Ball, Moonrise Kingdom, Natural Born Killers, Police Academy, Private Parts, Shaft, The Book of Eli, The Cider House Rules, The Internship, The Invisible Man, The Many Saint's of Newark, The Outsiders, The Poseidon Adventure, Up in the Air

October 10th: It: Chapter 2

October 17th: Succession Season 3 Premier

October 22nd: Dune (Don't stream it, watch it in a theater)


October 31st: Antwone Fisher, A Time to Kill, Backdraft, Bandits, Black Dynamite, Chasing Amy, Clarks, Cool Hand Luke, Dirty Harry, Final Destination, Firewall, It, Pale Rider, Red Dawn, Risky Business, Serpico, The 5 Year Engagement, Westworld