Nick Diaz Gets Dropped And Says "No Mas" In Comeback Fight Against Robbie Lawler

After a couple fun rounds of some prrrretty slow boxing, Robbie Lawler finally cracked and dropped Nick Diaz in the third round - and it was bad enough for Nick to say "no thank you" when asked to stand up by the former welterweight champ. 

Lawler might've broken Nick's nose with a shot seconds prior, but it was still a bizarre ending to the fight, to say the least - and combined with Nick's comments earlier this week, feels like Brett Okamoto is spot-on with this analysis....

After the fight, Lawler praised the shit outta Nick Diaz....

….and Nick basically said he had no excuses, but his management just got switched around recently and he wasn't sure how this fight got booked. Kinda concerning, but I will say, when I asked Dana about the comments Nick had made earlier in the week, he assured me that Nick came in for a meeting with him and really seemed like he wanted to fight. 


Take that as you will, I guess. You can watch the full interview HERE.

Nick had a great line in his post-fight interview about not wanting to get up, where he said, “I knew I was leaking in here and I didn’t want to make too much of a mess.” 

Classic Diaz banter right there. Nate was there to tell his big brother he was proud of him, as always….

….and I gotta say, watching Nick shake hands with Georges St-Pierre earlier this evening felt like Stone Cold shaking hands with The Rock or something….

Respect to Robbie Lawler for a great performance tho - always a pleasure watching that legend fight.

P.S. I loved Nick Diaz opening the fight with a Darth Maul-esque flip kick….