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This 12-Year Old Would Be The Best Coach In Jets History

Well, this is some serious constructive criticism from what seems to be a 12-year-old on Tik Tok. The Jets have one of the youngest teams in the NFL. The breakdown here is pretty brutal for the Jets but warranted. Not all of Zach Wilson's interceptions were 100% his fault. If that ball doesn't get tipped 10 feet in the air it's just an incompletion, then Zach Wilson doesn't throw 2 interceptions in a row and goes on to have a great game and a better start mentally. Coming back from 2 picks in a row decimates you. Joe Burrow threw 3 picks in a row no one remembers that because Zach Wilson was Mr. INT over the weekend. Zach Wilson had one of the fastest throws over the weekend. That's a laser arm.

No other rookie QB besides Trevor Lawrence is being asked to do what Zach Wilson has to do. Mac Jones is looking great because they aren't asking him to do JACK SHIT. Mac Jones would have thrown 6 interceptions if he had to do what Wilson did. 

If Zach Wilson plays as he did against the Panthers, and everyone else plays like they did against the Patriots, the Jets beat the Broncos this weekend.