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I Need To Camp Out In The Barstool Office...

If Thomas Edison eventually created/refined the lightbulb while living in his laboratory, who is to say I shouldn't camp out in the Barstool Office to create the best college football card?

Now, I know these are two very different circumstances and the shock impact of my college football picks all hitting will only last until the next week BUT I think Edison was on to something when he made his lab his residence.

Edison put himself in a situation where he couldn't escape electricity and the lightbulb. In the years that it took to become successful with said lightbulb, there were thousands of theories created that were put to the test and failed except for one.

Lets get to the point here, Thomas Edison's record was probably 1-10000 on his attempt to build the lightbulb and if we're looking at this in terms of units, he was down bad. In the grand scheme of things, those 10000 failed attempts were thrown out the door when he finally hit the goal and now everyone praises him.

Living with his challenge is what made him successful and I think it would be interesting to try it myself. Obviously I would not be changing my place of residence to the Barstool Office (there would be bigger challenges if I tried to pull that one off) but if I was approved to conduct my absurd experiment, here's how I would do it:

  • Camp out in the office for 48 hours (or until I have a solid 13 pick card)
  • Every sports network on a different screen at all times
  • Re-runs of games dating all the way back to Rutgers v. Princeton, 1869
  • No sleep... a line could change at any hour

Anyways, the experiment can go one of two ways; I could have an insane CFB weekend and more people will want to camp out in the office OR I waste 48 hours of sleep for a ridiculous experiment that goes against my hypothesis for success coming from residing in one's 'laboratory'. Either way, it's a wild experience that I need to attempt.