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Maybe NSFW?

Want to play a game?

Matt Nagy coaches the Bears for a living. Like that's how he puts food on the table and supports his family. Alternatively, you might be at a job you hate and rightfully so. 

That's unfair because a lot of you reading this are smart enough to start Justin Fields. Just an all time mind fuck for Bears fans. Nobody is trying to call plays or scout the next big draft class. We honestly just want to watch our best players play, and we cant. 

So instead let's start the day with SAW (2004). It's not too far off the paradox of being a Bears fan. Big Cat talked this week on RLR how we're trapped and hopeless. I don't disagree. But at least in SAW, you can cut off a limb to get out of the room. As Bears fans we have nothing. Not a handgun much less a handsaw. I'll probably die in this room and you guys are welcome to join me. 

Anyways SAW is a good movie. People who say otherwise are PUSSIES.

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