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The Cast Of The Deadliest Catch (Seahawks Fans) Hearing The Malcolm Butler Play-By-Play Is Just Fantastic




Man oh man, I forgot how much I love this shit. A beautiful look at heart’s just shattering. Malcolm Butler refusing to let these poor saps even have a moment of pleasure in their lives. They’re out there thinking OK our lives suck. It’s freezing, it’s cold, there’s, like, a 90% chance we die… but at least our Seahawks are bringing home that Super Bowl baby! Long live the 12s! Just hand the ball off to Marshawn and let’s get to celebrat — WHAT?! WHY’D THEY THROW IT?!? GOD DAMMIT MY LIFE HAS NO MEANING, ALL BECAUSE OF THOSE MEDDLING PATRIOTS!



*cue the human version of the surprised gerbil look*








And, just for good measure…