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Milk Crate Challenge, Fights, And Punters...The Steelers Had Themselves A Monday

Just another day in the life of the Steelers. One story can barely breathe before another is burning right down the other's neck. Let's start with the first one I came across that, of course, has dominated Steelers Twitter today.

JuJu Milk Crate Challenge

Are we really surprised that the dude who is known world renowned as "TikTok boy" or had memes flying around about the Pittsburgh TikTokers took place in a dumb fucking internet challenge? I'm not. That's like acting surprised that Big Ben hasn't magically slimmed down to 215 pounds. 

JuJu has established this is who he is time and time again. Is the timing great? Not a week before the season, no. Is it fuckin' annoying as hell that JuJu continues the Steelers wide receiver trend of seemingly not being able to understand optics? Absolutely. Would it be an even bigger story if he would have busted his ankle or tore up his knee because of this stupid shit? Oh yeah. But he made it through. Don't act like football players don't time and time again do nonsense off the field that we never even see or simply turn a blind eye to. I was honestly kind of waiting for one of these to drop so I'm not really up in arms about it especially because, while dumb, nothin' happened. I'd rather it be this than a whole hell of a lot of other things a professional football player could look dumb getting caught doing. Bigger fish to fry for the Steelers season starting in 10 days.

Chase Claypool vs. Minkah Fitzpatrick

Apparently the fellas were coming in high off of Friday night's Rough N Rowdy. Two alphas. Been going at it from the start of camp a month ago. See it all the time. Guys just need to see another jersey color. Or maybe Minkah told Claypool to cool it on TikTok, too. 

Say Hello To The New Steelers Punter

Hope Duggs and Frank The Tank have room in the Unit House! The Jordan Berry days are done. He's reportedly being cut tomorrow.  Special Teams Coordinator Danny Smith was chomping (literally) at the bit to get this hoss Harvin to be booming punts for his squad this year. It was an open battle coming into camp after the Steelers took Harvin in the 7th round of this year's draft. They dueled it out, and Harvin put on an absolute show in the HOF game at the beginning of the month. Two punts inside the 10 including one pinned at the 1. I love it. Berry was too up and down. Bring in the big boy and let him bomb 'em

So all and all nothing too major of developments to cause a ton of concern, but enough to cause some more Twitter shit storms. The end of training camp and preseason is truly the darkest just before the dawn. Please God let us get to September 12 with maybe the only news being Trent Jordan Watt gets made a Steeler for life.