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The BEST Movies And Shows Coming To Prime Video In September

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Apollo 13 - September 1st

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Every time I watch this I love it more. What a great story of American ingenuity, willpower and fearlessness. It has an all-star cast, is shot expertly by Ron Howard, and always leaves you in a bit of suspense despite knowing exactly what happens. 

The Last of the Mohicans - September 3rd

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Promontory fades in. Mann, what a good movie. And I'm not just addressing that to director Michael Mann. It is a phenomenal blend of drama, storytelling and action that I will always want to revisit. Plus, it introduced me and many people to one of the coolest songs ever in Promontory. 

Armageddon - September 1st

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The summer is coming to a close, so what better time to revisit one of the greatest summer blockbusters of all time. RIP to the true American Hero Harry Stamper. Also, Ben Affleck ripping the movie while tipsy on the DVD commentary is always funny. 

September 1st: 500 Days of Summer, The Alamo, Apollo 13, Arachnophobia, Armageddon, As Good as it Gets, Can't Hardly Wait, Daddy Day Care, Death at a Funeral, The Descent, Do the Right Thing, Grown Ups, The Host, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Jennifer's Body, The Karate Kid, The Kids are All Right, The Last of the Mohicans, Nacho Libre, The Omen, Predators(This movie isn't good but I kinda like it), Rudy, Sleepless in Seattle, The Social Network, Stuart Little, Traffic, Young Frankenstein 

September 3rd: Cinderella(This movie looks ATROTIOUS and I can't wait to shred it)

September 12th: Desperado

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