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Hurricane Ida Devastated South Louisiana Last Night

On the 16th anniversary of Katrina, Hurricane Ida pummeled South Louisiana. Louisiana residents once again must face some tough days ahead on the road to recovery.

New Orleans was hit extremely hard. They are expecting no power for the next 30-45 days and the water situation (drinking and flushing toilets) is a disaster. This transmission tower collapsed causing massive power outages.

Unlike Katrina, the levees did hold so flooding is not as much of an issue this time. Residents were also warmed much earlier and most evacuated thankfully. But that is where the positives start and end. It looks like a bomb went off down there. AT&T cell phone service is also a problem. The long road ahead is a sobering one. My displaced friends from down threes are rightfully dejected.

Baton Rouge did not get hit quite as hard but is still dealing with blown off roofs, no power for a week and its own cell phone issues. They still dodged a bullet considering what happened as close as 20 minutes to the east.

The hardest hit areas were on the coast and the stretch between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. No one has heard anything from Grand Isle in 18 hours. Look at this scene from Fouchon.

The levee broke in LaPlace causing massive flooding with residents in attics to escape the water. The cities of Houma, Hammond and Thibbidoux got smoked as well. My friend Jarrerd Parfait sent me a text that said “Whatever you are hearing, it is A LOT worse.”

Once again I reiterate I am not writing this blog to depress people. I just want to bring awareness for to this heartbreaking situation in South Louisiana. I am working with PENN Gaming and Barstool on some ideas to help in the upcoming days. It is an honor to represent New Orleans on a national level and I will do whatever I can to help.