Officially Over - The Last Plane Has Left Afghanistan

Effective immediately Hamid Karzai Intl Airport (OAKB) is uncontrolled. No air traffic control or air services are available. Aircraft operating into, out of, or through Kabul FIR and landing OAKB should use extreme caution. Aircraft should adhere to standard reporting procedures on CTAF125.2

30 AUG 2021 19:49:00

One minute before midnight on the deadline. 

After twenty years it had to end somehow, but the ending still added to the pain. For many there's a lot of mixed emotions being brought back to the surface, for obvious reasons. I'm in awe at those who were there completing their missions until the final moments, especially considering the momentous losses suffered. Service-members like them, most of whom were babies when this war began, are what give me faith that we're going to be alright.

What comes next, especially for those who didn't make it out, I'm not really sure; I'm naively hopeful some sort of underground 'digital dunkirk' will continue. The only thing I do know is that the troops on the ground gave it their all, so many to the fullest extent, and to them we should be forever grateful. 

Don't really have the words right now except to echo what Chaps wrote in the ZBT post; be good to each other.