ROSTERMANIA!!! Explaining The Drama And Chaos Of The Competitive Call of Duty Offseason

Competitive Call of Duty is a different animal than most sports and right now we're in the most chaotic part of the CDL - it's Rostermania time!

The simplest way to explain what's going on in the Competitive CoD scene right now is to explain it in a way that stoolies would understand. So, let's relate it back to the pinnacle of all sports. That's right, we're gonna talk about Coach Duggs.

Remember the coaching carousel after each NCAA Football Dynasty season? That's basically what's going on right now in the CDL (Call of Duty League) except it happens with players and it happens immediately following CoD Champs (aka the Super Bowl of Call of Duty).

So imagine this - Aaron Rodgers loses the NFC Championship to Tom Brady's Buccaneers last year and fails to get into the Super Bowl. (1) week later, the team drops him. That's essentially what happened to Crimsix.

He was the Veteran presence and leader of the Dallas Empire who played 3rd overall in CoD Champs. A solid season overall, but they weren't able to secure a ring or make it into Championship Sunday. In traditional sports, it feels like time moves slower than esports. We just finished CoD Champs last weekend and insane roster moves are happening left and right. The biggest moves being Crimsix getting dropped (above), OpTic FormaL retiring, OpTic Envoy getting dropped and Empire potentially merging with OpTic.

FormaL could (and honestly should) get his own blog written about his competitive career. He's been one of the top Call of Duty players for the past decade and he completely dominates any FPS (first-person shooter) that he touches. He wants to focus more on content creation than competing and his POV is going to be insane to watch in Halo, Vanguard, Warzone and any game he decides to touch.

Every bit of information that dropped this weekend was crazier and crazier. The last tweet above shows a potential merger between OpTic and Dallas that would change the Competitive Call of Duty scene as we know it. This lineup of Scump, Dashy, Shotzzy and iLLeY would be one of the most talented teams to ever grace Call of Duty.

Hank put it best:

We could see this lineup dominant in Call of Duty Vanguard and Atlanta FaZe would finally have some competition. If you've read any of my blogs of CDL content, you know that I'm a MASSIVE OpTic fan and I'm very excited about the future of OpTic and competitive CoD.

Two teams that didn't perform well this year were Seattle Surge, Los Angeles Guerillas and Paris Legion. All three teams dropped their rosters completely.

Octane (formerly Seattle Surge) did not hold back after hearing the news of being dropped.

Can't wait to continue to cover the CDL and watch all the drama unfold.

(Replies referring to the CDL Intel tweet)