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CALLING ALL PHILANTHROPISTS: Milwaukee's 'Just Live' Suicide Prevention Bluegrass Festival Is Sunday, September 5th And They Need YOUR Help


The last year and a half has been awful for everybody, we all know that and don't need to go into why. One thing I've noticed is that people tend to focus on the food and beverage industry that got gutted the hardest - we weren't allowed to eat at restaurants, go to bars, jam out at karaoke, or anything like that. 

While that's absolutely true and those industries got crushed, two more industries that nobody talks about that got smoked and smoked badly were the music industry and charity industries, and unfortunately, those industries happen to go hand and hand a lot of times. 

Everyone who lives in Chicago and follows Barstool knows how closely we work with The Weish Foundation and Weishfest. That was an event that was canceled in 2021 because of the pandemic. Weisfhest gets grade A bands to come to the South Side for the event, but that couldn't happen last year, and because that couldn't happen last year, there charities weren't able to actualize their missions, and that really sucks.

Really, really sucks. Another charity I've been in contact with over the last year and a half or so is Just Live, a charity that is dedicated to suicide prevention. Every year since 2012, Just Live has hosted a live bluegrass concert where all of the proceeds go to their foundation. Last year, they hosted a virtual event last year, but donations plummeted for obvious reason. 

The donations they take in go to the following organizations: 

- Center for Suicide Awareness
- Marquette University College of Health Sciences for Neuroscience Research
- HAVEN of Milwaukee and
- NAMI of Milwaukee

Their largest event is the aforementioned bluegrass festival which is held SEPTEMBER 5TH and their goal is to raise $30,000. That's very doable and I hope this post can help them blow past that number. If you're in the area, head to the concert. Chow on some food, drink some beer, jam out to some good ol' fashioned bluegrass music, and do all of that in the name of charity. If you're not in the area, donate a few bucks to the charity and do so knowing it's going to a FANTASTIC cause. The last year and half has everyone going stir crazy, and mental health has taken a hit. Your money will be going to a great place. People helping people. I love it. 


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