The Air Force Has Said That We Will Have Force Fields And "Death Rays" By The Year 2060, So We Got That Going For Us

Given the potential of directed energy weapons, the United States does not want to fall behind other countries, as happened with hypersonic weapons. Recently, the U.S. Air Force assembled a panel of experts to evaluate the future of these weapons, forecasting out to 2060, with their final report being released last month. The report predicts an important future for directed energy weapons, potentially including both space-based weapon systems and “force fields.”

We literally JUST did a podcast about how allegedly Russia, Cuba, and China are already using this directed energy weapons

Our diplomats and CIA agents are getting their brains melted by these directed energy weapons and we are calling it the "Havana Syndrome". Good news is that in 40 years we will have those weapons too, apparently. As we discussed in the podcast...the symptoms of Havana Sydrome sound fucking awful and I think that these types of weapons should be banned like mustard gas.

Having said that...sign me the fuck up for Force Fields. I want a free market individual force field though. My own personal one. You're sitting on an airplane and someone tries to encroach on your arm rest...BAM, force field, bitch. Crowded bar and everyone keeps bumping into you and spilling drinks...invisible bubble just keeping you dry and happy. Walking down the street during a rain storm and tired of being scared that someone's umbrella is going to poke your eye out (maybe that is just my irrational fear)...not so fast. You'll be parting the red sea like Moses. The idea of a force field could save public transit. I would be way more likely to take the El or even ride the bus if I knew I didn't have to breathe the same air or touch the same surfaces as the people who puked and jerked off of those same surfaces earlier that day. 

Now...the way things seem to be going it feels like none of us are going to make it to 2060 anyways, but damn having a personal force field might be enough of a reason to try to live.