Wake Up With Mitch Trubisky Doing Naughty And Awful Things To The Chicago Bears

Losing by nearly four touchdowns at home to Mitch Trubisky should surprise absolute zero Bears fans. This was probably the easiest bet of my life and that has a lot less to do with my Mitch fandom/appreciation and much more with how much better the Bills are at football. We got Nagy a year after they got McDermott and you couldn't script two different trajectories. Maybe Mitch turns out to be pretty good if he ever gets a chance with the Bills. He certainly looked pretty deadly on Saturday. 

I understand it's 2nd string bologna. But that Kumerow throw was on Jaylon Johnson. 20/28 is still 20/28. He looked good enough to exacerbate the pain behind paying Andy Dalton AND Nick Foles while Justin Fields sits. You couldn't draw up more blatant bad quarterback controversy. It basically comes down to who they're more comfortable sacrificing behind the offensive line at this point. If Justin Fields scarcely plays the first couple weeks, it will be out of pure mercy. 

Never mind the crowd. We have games to win/not completely embarrass ourselves in front of a national audience. Let's get some traction going in the trenches so we can confidently hover around .500 for the next couple months. 

Elsewhere, the Blue Angels were doing the Air & Water Show this weekend over the lake. Those are the fighter pilots that do tricks and shit. I'm very much on board with the F-16 flyover for National Anthem but after this weekend I think we need jets circling the stadium for all big games. Just soaring by whenever they please. It sends such a strong message and it's also awesome just getting buzzed randomly throughout the day. Probably not a popular opinion with the state of defense spending but you guys are just going to have to trust me on this. Fighter jets make every sporting event so much better. Get those birds in the air for every home game and watch the wins pile up. 

Finally - Mitch is on Pardon My Take this week. Talk about great timing. He was probably super polite and friendly because that's who he is as a human being and I will always love him for that.