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Looks Like Josef Newgarden's Midseason Bad Luck Has Made It's Way To Colton Herta

Fuuuuuuuck me.

Josef Newgarden had the stretch in June of Detroit then Road America where he quite literally led with two laps to go on a restart before engineering issue I believe dropped him down to 20 something. Was ready to win both races with six laps or less to go and lost it. 

Then Mid-Ohio came, Josef qualified P1 for the third straight weekend and finally got over the hump. But whatever bad juju was going for him seems to have found it's way to Colton Herta that same weekend. Colton qualified P2 in Mid-Ohio then ran into some issues in the pits that took him out of it. Month long break, head to Nashville, Colton is the most dominant car all weekend and with five laps to go, in second place and climbing on Marcus Ericsson, he sends it into the wall. 

Now Gateway. Qualifies P2 again. Makes a few Colton Herta moves to push him to the top.

Then tire failure. Outta no where I'm listening to his radio, everything is going fine, looking good, and BOOM "tire failure tire failure!". Absolutely brutal. His dad was right, he drove like a Lion all night long. From the first lap he was pushing to get ahead of Newgarden and he had it in the bag without a disaster happening. 

Happy for Josef. He's right there in the mix to bring home his third IndyCar title with three left. Bob Gibson, Stan Musial, Greatest Show On Turf, and Josef Newgarden. The Mt. Rushmore of St. Louis sports. The dude has dominated Gateway over the last five years. Also, shoutout to Scott McLaughlin for the top-5 finish. Tears ovals up. 

Hopefully the couple weeks off will be good for Colton and his team to get things right for the backstretch. He's a Cali kid heading back home for the last two races of the season. Crossing my fingers that home treats him well - especially after the last couple unfortunate endings because I am absolutely craving some Victory Tacos.