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It Seems Big Ben Roethlisberger May Have Turned Back The Clock To The Dismay Of Many

8-10. 137 yards. 2 TDs. A deep ball connection to Diontae Johnson. A lethal pump fake on display for a touchdown. A dum-off to Najee Harris that Najee took 46 yards on his own. Plus, some vintage Big Ben scrambling around to make a play:

Holy shit it seems to be 2005. 

You really couldn't have scripted a better debut for Big Ben in 2021. Two series. All you needed to see and then some. Yes it's the Lions. Yes it's preseason game two. But fuck it, I've had to listen to and read all the obituaries for Roethlisberger and this team for seven months, so yeah I'm gonna run the fuck outta this one. 

It's almost like...1.) Big Ben was coming off missing an entire season last year and didn't have any preseason snaps 2. his offensive line was aging terribly and 3.) quite literally you or I could have done the same job as his offensive coordinator last season. Not to mention the Steelers invested in Najee Harris and Pat Freiermuth with their first two picks in this year's draft. Those guys should be pretty good. 

So yeah, again, it's August 21. It's the Lions. But spare me with the "Ben is washed" and the "Steelers going 6-11" nonsense. If you continue to say that you either have no clue what you're talking about or you're a Browns fan. Even though usually the two are one in the same.