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"Delete It, Or Leave" — Nurse At A Top MA Hospital Faces Impossible Ultimatum After "Mean Girls" Rat Her Out At Work For Her OnlyFans Account...Her $75,000 a MONTH OnlyFans Account

Daily Mail - A former neonatal ICU nurse has revealed how she quit her hospital job to start an  OnlyFans account where she is now earning up to $75,000 per month.  

Allie Rae - the pseudonym she adopted upon taking up sex work - was working at one of the top hospitals in Massachusetts when her co-workers discovered her sexy Instagram account and later subscribed to OnlyFans, she told the Daily Beast this week. 

I was going to say talk about a Sophie's Choice, but that would be a slap in the face to Nurse Allie Rae and the decision she had to make recently.  I mean everyone has a favorite kid —not many have to face an ultimatum like this: 

1. Your job as a NICU nurse at a top Massachusetts hospital making $60-70K a year to wake up every day and care for little tiny babies who have a variety of medical ailments, such as premature congenital disabilities, cardiac malformations, dangerous infections, and other morphological or functional problems.


2. Making $75K A have sex with your husband.

Which, at her age... ostensibly that's 75 Grand a month to do what she was going to do anyway, only with the added step of "clicking play" on her webcam first. 

My head hurts just thinking about it. Damn those Mean Girls and their hater spying asses, sticking all the screenshots in their Burn Book and running to the principal's office.

In December 2020, Rae faced her first 'Mean Girls' moment after six nurses in her unit stumbled across her Instagram account and reported it to her boss. 

She got off with a warning, as she didn't use her real name, nor stated where she worked. 

But that slap on the wrist only made these ugly bitches work harder, to bring down the pretty, successful woman in the loving relationship with the healthy sex life, something they've spent a combined 13,400 hours on 100+ dating apps to try and achieve themselves.

Three months later, her co-workers subscribed to her OnlyFans account, which she set up in September 2020 after getting many requests from her Instagram followers.  

After consulting her husband many months ago, they decided to try it out. They now post pay-per-view sex videos and subscriptions. 

Rae said her co-workers only subscribed to her channel to screenshot it and send it to her boss. 

'They subscribed and paid to my OnlyFans account to screenshot it and bring it to my manager,' Rae recalled to the Daily Beast. 'It was like Mean Girls for adults.'

This time the boss wasn't messing around:

Her manager told her to 'delete or leave."

Which brings us full circle to the impossible choi..

Rae left. 

…Ok I guess it wasn't as hard of a choice for her as I imagined.  

I guess I overestimated the appeal of spending every day of Covid in a hospital watching teeny tiny babies struggle to breathe and survive for 70K-ish, while you have the opportunity to make 70K x 12 masturbating and getting fucked by your husband. 

'I didn’t even need the money — I was making more money on OnlyFans than I was as a nurse and was only doing it because I loved it,' she said. 

Instead of taking care of babies in the NICU, Rae is now selling pay-per-view videos - that cost anywhere between $7 to $30 - of her masturbating and performing sex acts with her husband, as well as $12.99 subscriptions. 

Rae now makes $65,000-$75,000 a month on the platform, as verified by documents the Daily Beast received and is considering moving to Florida with her family. 

Ex-nurse Allie is mansion shopping…

Meanwhile the Mean Girls at work just got coughed on for the 3rd time today by an unvaccinated guy dying to own the libs.  

Mission accomplished ladies!