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Trea Turner Had The Smoothest Slide Of All Time Last Night And I Can't Stop Watching It

Is this the highlight of the year so far in baseball? I think it is. This clip of Trea Turner scoring with a super smooth slide last night is hypnotizing and it's doing numbers. Every baseball person on twitter posted it last night, I've never seen the entire baseball community come together and agree on something like they agreed on Turner's slide being awesome. Smooth is the only word that I can use to describe it, it's just so sick. Ball lined into right and Bryce Harper comes up throwing but if we're being honest there isn't much of a chance of Trea Turner getting thrown out at the plate. It's the perfect slide, came in on the outside of the plate, touched it with his hand and kept on moving. Barely got dirty, was back in the dugout like 3 seconds after the play too, he knew how cool he looked. He's so damn fast and this play shows it, but the slide makes the whole play. But seriously is this the MLB highlight of the year? I hope this play is on every top play countdown at the end of the season. Just look how far he slides, he goes like 10 feet past the plate and pops right up, I've never seen something executed so well. Now that he's out of DC I can express my love for Trea Turner and his sexy slides.