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Anthony Edwards Continues To Be One Of The Best Interviews In All Of Sports

I love Anthony Edwards. How could you not? All he does is deliver whether it's on the court or in front of the mic. He's quickly rising the ranks in terms of best athletes to interview. Every single time a mic is put in front of this man's face it never disappoints.

So naturally, you knew he was going to deliver in that Summer League interview. He's funny even without trying. How dare you suggest that Anthony Edwards, one of the finest athletes of our generation would use bumpers while bowling. While some players have spent their offseason working on their game, Edwards was getting baptised in Lake Minnetonka. You may not know this about me, but I'm a big Minnesota guy. Not only do I wish the Wolves would turn things around for that tortured fanbase, but a ton of my friends from ASU were from Apple Valley. I dated someone from Minnetonka while in college, know all about Cake Eaters up in Edina, and while you could never convince me to step foot in that frozen tundra during the winter, I did enjoy my time there a few summers ago. 

But back to Edwards. There's no doubt in my mind that he wasn't making a joke when he said he can swim as well as Michael Phelps. He believes it. Shit for all we know it might actually be true. You do this on a basketball court

I'll believe anything you tell me about your athletic abilities. Depending on who you ask Edwards was robbed of the ROTY award, and what you might not know is the Wolves were actually pretty decent once DLo came back to end the season. That trio of KAT/Edwards/DLo could be a little feisty next season to the point where maybe the Wolves fuck around and flirt with the play in. Sure the whole winning games at the end of the year cost them a top 10 pick that ultimately went to GS, but don't focus on that as a Wolves fan. Instead, focus on Anthony Edwards. Between his highlights and his interviews there's certainly enough to love.