Carter Hart Is On His Way To Being The Most Underpaid Player In the NHL

Len Redkoles. Getty Images.

Carter Hart had a pretty shitty year. There's no real way to sugar coat that. It just seemed like he was fighting the puck the whole year and never got a chance to find his game. And the scariest part about it was the fact that it seemed to mostly be mental. That kind of thing always scares fans that the player is "broken". 

The thing is that the majority of fans are dumbasses. The majority of fans are reactionary and they put way too much stock into senseless bullshit to fit a narrative that they've previously established in their own mind. So the Philly fans who constantly think the sky is falling at the slightest sign of adversity already have it made up in their own mind that Carter Hart is broken. The Philly haters who constantly want to point and laugh at Philly sports at the slightest sign of adversity already have it made up in their own mind that Carter Hart is broken. 

But anybody with a rationale brain? Anybody who is able to realize that last year was a bizarre year for everybody, and especially for a 22-year-old goaltender in the NHL who had the biggest crop of dogshit playing defense in front of them? Well anybody with a brain that doesn't resemble a bowl of mashed potatoes realizes that you can't put too much stock into what went down last year between the pipes and between the ears of Carter Hart. He's got the talent, he's got the proven track record, and now he'll have some actual defense in front of him. So in the next 3 years when Carter Hart is getting paid just around that $4M mark? Well it's only a matter of time before this bastard looks like one of the most underpaid players in the league. 

Imagine when you're doing your daily scrolling through and you realize the reigning Vezina Trophy winner has a contract that starts with the number 3. Imagine the shock on your face when you realize the reigning Conn Smythe trophy winner's contract is getting paid less than half of what Florida is paying Sergei Bobrovsky to sit the bench. I'm almost starting to think maybe Carter just took it easy last season because he didn't want to sign a massive contract this season. He didn't want to put the Flyers in cap trouble. Have a down year, sign a little bridge deal, wait for the Giroux and JvR contracts to run up, and then reassess the situation from there. Does that seem like the strategic maneuverings of a goalie who is mentally broken? Think again, cowboy.