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Madison Bumgarner Started Dipping When He Was In Fifth Grade

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All things considered that’s one of the more outrageous things I’ve ever heard. I think I had my first dip in like 8th grade then didn’t really start dipping until my freshman year, and I was young. Fifth grade is SAVAGE. But you know what, totally fits for MadBum. It’s surprising at first but then you realize that it kinda makes sense. Backwoods North Carolina kid who used to date a chick with the same exact name as him? Of course he started dipping when he was like 10. Bet it didn’t even buzz him either. I remember my first time was in the stands at a high school football game and it burned so bad then I got insanely dizzy and had to be carried out. Bumgarner probably popped in a fine cut Cope while he was learning cursive then gutted the entire thing and didn’t even bat an eye.