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Frank The Tank Is Handing Out Body Bags On Twitter After His FitBit Died

Earlier today, Frank's FitBit died. If the man didn't have enough stress with the Mets getting swept in Philly, the watch that tracked his steps had failed him.

If you know Frank, you know the guy doesn't quit. Something is broken? He fixes it. He is a blue-collar guy who gets stuff done. His plan to fix his FitBit? Get a new one. He can afford it, the man brings in millions on Cameo. Everyone knows this. A $300 FitBit to him is nothing.

Unfortunately, his trip did not go to plan. DICK'S Sporting Goods failed him:

Absolutely unbelievable to disrespect the Tank like that, but you could write it off to it being late on a Sunday and customer service at the DICK'S he went to not being the best. However, the folks in the reply? They should know better than coming at Frank. They all had a smart guy response and what did Frank give them back? A body bag.

Handing the body bags out one by one on a Sunday evening. You think you know better than Frank? You're wrong. Good DAY sir.