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Ben Simmons Can't Make A Layup, And Apparently He Can't Make A Call Either As He's Cut Off Communication With The Sixers

David Dow. Getty Images.

Well I'll tell you what. Ben Simmons has been terrified to take a shot in his entire career so far. But looks like he's finally worked up the courage to take one here and call his shot to the Warriors. 

Live look at Ben forcing a trade for himself to GSW:

Giphy Images.

I'll give it to Ben. This plan is actually brilliant. He knows the fanbase hates him. He knows the organization is desperately trying to get rid of him. So now Ben Simmons just jumps out ahead of it all and refuses to have any sort of communication with the Sixers. A real "you can't fire me because I quit" type of mentality here. 

We all know that Ben Simmons is pure ego. It's the only reason why he's simply refused to ever actually address the flaws in his game before. It's a fragile ego, for sure, but ego nevertheless. This dude thinks he is god's gift to basketball and how dare anybody say that he needs to fix his game. He'd never be able to mentally recover from a team realizing that they'd be better off without him and trading him away. So instead of getting traded because he's too afraid to make a wide open layup, he now gets to play the mental gymnastics to make it seem like he's forcing himself out of Philly. It's genius as far as delusional narcissists go. 

At this point I almost hope the Sixers just hold on to Ben Simmons for this season to make a bit of a fool out of him. Because the more these reports come out, the more his trade value tanks. Would I love to never have to watch Ben Simmons play another game for the Sixers again? Of course. But in a sick, twisted way, I think I'd get more pleasure out of watching him squirm in Philly longer than trading him away for a bunch of scrubs. 

P.S. - How big of a piece of shit do you need to be to cut off communications with the team that is paying you $177 million? Holy hell this guy sucks.