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Nikita Zadorov Gave An Interview Where He Says That Nate MacKinnon Is A Michael Jordan Level Psychopath As A Teammate

"Nate is like MJ. I don't want to make a direct comparison, but his way of thinking is very similar to MJ. He can be a jerk to his teammates and linemates. You need to accept that and it would improve you as a hockey player as a result. If you can't accept it, well you're off the team"--Zadorov on Nate MacKinnon

These quotes about MacKinnon sent a chill down my spine in two ways. The first is "holy fuck, this guy is awesome" and secondly..."holy fuck the Hawks have to battle with this guy in the division for the next decade". It honestly just feels like a matter of time before MacKinnon and the Avs win the Stanley Cup. They're knocking on the door. Knowing that MacKinnon has said that he would take less money to win and keep his team together when his contract is up and then also paying his own team of chefs, therapists, and nutritionists to make sure he gets the absolute most out of his body is incredible. If you like ice cream you better find a new team because that shit doesn't fly in Colorado. Which is a shame because that place in Denver called "Little Man's" is fucking fire. Eat that shit on your own time. MacKinnon feels like the only thing between him and MJ is about six Championships. Those are coming. The 30for30 in 2050 will be great.